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Victoria Square

Hotel Vittoria has discounted parking in Piazza Vittoria. 

Once you arrive in Piazza Vittoria we will ask you to follow the directions to the underground car park. At the entrance to the car park you will have to hide the telepass totem and collect the entrance ticket for the opening of the barrier. 

The ticket must be delivered to Reception together with the license plate number. 

The license plate will be registered for access to the restricted traffic zone. 


In fact, we remind you that Hotel Vittoria is located in the limited traffic area of the historic center of the city. The circulation authorization provided at check in does not give the right to transit in Piazza Loggia, Corso Zanardelli, Via Cardinal Querini, Via X Giornate beyond the flower boxes adjacent to the hotel entrance and in the pedestrian areas.

For reservations with paid parking, we remind you that the ticket covers until 11.00 am on the day of check out. 


For further information do not hesitate to call the Reception on the number385

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