Business & Meeting -  The timeless style

The Roses Hall
A sumptuous, exclusive banquet hall, enriched by precious chandeliers and Murano appliques, mirrors and Botticino marbles, ideal as a place for gala dinners, parties and ceremonies. Its majestic space run along the elegant foyer, equipped with a prestige bar counter and dressed up with mirrors and rich marbles.
Professional 12.000 lumen projector
Natural light
Up to 160 people
High-speed wi-fi
Meeting Room Arrangement:
The other Rooms
The Gardenie Hall
The Gardenie Hall, made precious by Murano crystals and Botticino marbles and framed in by two large mirrors, is the perfect place for the more intimate occasions: ideally, elegant parties and dinners, conventions and exclusive meetings.  
Thanks to a sliding glass window, the area can be modularly divided into two parts. It has a maximum capacity of 150 persons with buffet and of 90 persons with waiting service. Internal kitchen service is available, as well as external caterings.  
Perfectly suited for meetings thanks to its high quality standards, the Hall is equipped with the latest generation video and audio systems. Its maximum capacity, with parterre seats, is of 100 persons.
Up to 100 people
Natural light
Data Sheet
Up to 120 people
The Savoldo Hall, spaciously bright thanks to its embellishments, is placed on the underground floor of our Hotel, in a meeting dedicated area which counts three conference halls, all of them sporting the names of Italian painters. The area is set apart from the rooms floors, the reception and restaurant area, hence its very silent nature. Entering by means of a small but evocative flight of steps, with majestic columns at the sides, a lecturer will find anything he could possibly need: a wooden podium, extremely elegant in its craft, a high definition screen and the latest generation amplifiers. The Hall, enlightened by Murano chandeliers that hang 4,30 metres high, can accommodate up to 110 parterre seats in its 160 square meters, and has a 130 persons maximum capacity. Suitable for great meetings and conventions, it is also an ideal location for many parties, thanks to its independent positioning.
The Savoldo Hall
The Moretto & Romanino Halls
Moretto & Romanino Halls are twin halls placed on the underground floor of our Hotel, which is exclusively dedicated to meetings and conventions. The Halls have a very silent nature, being set apart from the rest of the building. Equipped with a large waiting room suitable as a front desk, the Halls combine our Hotel unique elegance and present day practicality, and as such offer an ideal atmosphere for a classy, intimate meeting. Each one is 45 square metres large, with prestigious wooden desks and seats. In these halls, our guests will be able to shape the workspace according to their needs; on request, we will equip the Halls with a high definition screen and the latest generation audio systems. Each hall can host 30/35 persons, the ideal number for a private press conference
Up to 30 people
Vittoria Terrace & Portico
During warm season the Hotel Vittoria discloses its summer jewel, the terrace wonderful and suggestive. A refined yet informal place where lay down and ease off your tie knot, embraced by 5 stars hospitality. The terrace offers the opportunity to enjoy and privileged view over the city, embracing with a single look on the one hand the geometric architecture of piazza Vittoria and on the other the ancient Roman Castle of Brescia and the Cidneo hall that hosts it, the Broletto Palace and the wonderful Duomo’s Cupola that you can almost touch with the finger… 
It’s a location of refined events, weddings, happy hour, lunch and dinner for groups on reservations.
Up to 250 people